ࡱ> 352)` V bjbj {{V $  { { { $hBT; @{  ]www.  wwww Thf .w0$w:ww,{ h Jw- <i 2{ { { 1F{ { { $    SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT  SPRINGFIELD HUMANE SOCIETY Memory Lane Each block will be a 10 x 6 granite paver engraved with black letters. Please be sure to print carefully so we can tell what it is you want. All text is centered. All symbols (comma, period, dash, etc) are considered one letter. COST PER BLOCK - $125 16 Letters maximum For each additional letter, please add $4 PLEASE FILL IN THE SPACE BELOW AS YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR BLOCK ENGRAVED Please return this form with your check payable to: Springfield Humane Society, 401 Skitchewaug Trail, Springfield VT 05156 Questions? Call 802-885-2174 Name___________________________________________ Phone__________________________________ Address_________________________________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip_____________________________________________________________________________ Email____________________________________________________________ Amount Paid $___________ ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE MANY ANIMALS WHO COME THROUGH OUR DOORS EACH YEAR! "C^_jkR   U V ɽ氫氕h [h [56 h [56h [ hwU]5h^h^5 h^6 h^5h^hwU]5CJaJhwU]hwU]5CJaJhD2CJaJhwU]hwU]5CJaJhwU]5CJaJhwU]jhwU]UjhwU]UmHnHu"^_kQ R h { $&d P a$gd^$a$gd^$a$gdwU]p`pgdwU]V    6 Q  0 V $a$gd [$a$gdwU]gd^$a$gd^$&d P a$gd^21h:p [/ =!"#$% nl |҆ГW PNG  IHDR}7#gAMA|Q pHYs=\=\b ~!IDATx=` "Fئ0 ]fL RdRd!"M T(~Ho狼^HߐG?eo .1OP uBV bځv>8`d"p@ ,k7?X6<|Lp `9@V|h)ͺOx9`ۀ͎zATo,~9|zW\7zE̓u8u Ơm5X76'[c]!2$[ƭNY O^7L Ќrޥ`Ivmtu@A& f<~#ѱ PЎ7VY±zcnKAU:p!AQ$_Y& N\_5 &"$ '}`೙5𮣼@_m;ǂAAn@ \ ڮ|v'4(ݻk`vK5,t疠~Y@FLLKM܎W .*GET=bYZPsp|s+ AAu6ǝzQOp>BjK2W.N1 [3\aFAϖ5<f-,m̹tlw+d E+FbءHG4@56C)ƋAtP=w`c?"P: 2 VN5U:"_p;{sS 2w~Y3nz&ɜ`s4̜\ &sr>V0텠w.wdO6ke`Fï*+p)tȒӐ~_޺Bc|[wv՜+ 4ma/8UY WDWN}NՖ{g{xa;\S{ڿ( - i\+$uނ: l%Ω=y<{{mkqP7PK ~@n=aM,Խ.]9 wVDHФqvM?n*|812%F!]KS{ {)Pl(s3aȀ~ EX3?A|:$]н04wZ[Z ኁh я7я\PMsuPOOy'% +Aau M3~-N 8h 'ͥ~[});F\S!F?&庉 (A*8y@/s yH48!×@q}V$8| j*'BVgO<\uNA요0nTmx-(U@7*oُmDyᑵ`>Q>~y d}|wyE0\֠s_msCm /;~*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags PostalCode9*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsState8*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsCity9*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsplace dh03489@X0UX3369UX69UXD2 [wU]^t@YPPV`@UnknownG:Ax Times New Roman5Symbol3& :Cx Arial"1h7)7+A4TT2QHX ?wU]2 DirectorDirectorOh+'0t  0 < HT\dl  DirectorNormal Director1Microsoft Office Word@@TY`@v![f՜.+,0 hp  Springfield Humane SocietyT'  Title  !#$%&'()+,-./014Root Entry FZ_hf6Data 1TableWordDocumentSummaryInformation("DocumentSummaryInformation8*CompObjq  FMicrosoft Office Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.89q