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The Princess Fund Success Stories




     Nellie came to us as a stray. This tiny Maltese was obviously a neglected dog as
her coat was a matted, dirty mess and her teeth were beyond description! The
veterinarian estimated her age at 5-7 years old – hard to tell with such lousy
teeth to go by!!

     So Nellie became a candidate for the Princess Fund because her medical needs
were extensive. After 22 teeth were removed and the rest cleaned this tiny girl was
happy as can be. No more pain! No more infectious puss entering her system! No
more tangles to pull and pinch her skin!

     Cruelty is not just hitting or starving an animal – it is also neglecting the proper
care to keep an animal healthy.

     Now Nellie lives with a new owner who adores and pampers her as this special
little life force should be!



   This beautiful, very friendly and affectionate little girl came needing some extra help.

   She had a large tumor growing in her uterus that had become quite infected and
damaged other nearby tissue. She is a young, otherwise healthy dog with an amazing
personality. How could we kill her just because we do not have funding to provide the

   We couldn’t do that. We won’t do that.

   So we turned to our Princess Fund for “above and beyond” medical care.

   After Fergus the Beagle that needed extensive dental work, the fund is depleted. It did
not have the $800 to cover Delilah’s surgery. So donations were sought to help Fergus
& Delilah and we are happy to report an overwhelming response replenished the Fund
to help future “Princesses, Ferguses and Delilahas”

Angel Eyes

     She came in with three littermates, each of which was hissing and spitting
in fear. She however was as sweet and loving as can be. They had been abandoned
with a couple of adult cats. At about five weeks of age she already had severe
issues to deal with.

   Angel, as we named her, had a serious herpes virus in her eyes that had caused
the cornea in her right eye to rupture. We had two choices. Have the eye removed
at a cost of a few hundred dollars or euthanize her.

    June is Adopt-A-Cat Month for a reason – shelters everywhere are full of cats
and kittens! How do we justify spending several hundred dollars on Angel when
our budget is already in the red so badly this year?

     Simply because she was such a little angel! Her litter mates were hissing and
spitting in fear while Angel had a trusting nature that caused her to approach the
front of the cage even though her eyes were sealed shut with gunk.

     Stroking her tiny head with my fingers she leaned in for more. Holding her
gently in our arms, she instinctively climbed up to our necks. How could we
have her euthanized just because she has a health problem that can be treated
even if it is expensive?

     We can't.! So we are going to trust that the public will come through for Angel.
Acting on faith in the people of this area Angel's surgery was scheduled and
took place.     

    For Angel and all of the angels we care for, thank you for caring and for your
great support.

PS: After a lot of TLC Angel's litter mates have all calmed down and eagerly
seek attention. And Angel? She is still the sweet little girl she was when she
arrived. Now she sees perfectly and gets along just as well as her siblings. She
has been adopted into a great home where we will be able to hear frequently
how she is doing. Their first comment after taking her home: She is a pistol!”




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