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Please spay and neuter your pet. We also have spay / neuter sponsorships available to help defray the cost of each animal's care. Please consider adopting this shelter as your special place. The animals, volunteers, and staff send their heartfelt thanks, and hope you visit us in the near future. Bring your pennies to the Springfield Humane Society for our spay/neuter program and/or complete our "Sponsoring Spay/Neuter Program form".

Honoring or remembering your very special pet? Keep their memory alive or honor them with a special donation to the shelter.

For those that would like to honor or remember a special person in their lives.

Frequently people designate the SHS to receive donations in memory of a lost loved one.

When we receive such memorial donations we thank the donor AND notify the family of the
decedent of the donation.  
It is very helpful for us if donors would include the name and address of the family member to whom they wish the acknowledgement to go.  That way we are able to notify the correct person(s). 

General donation - this may be a one time donation or monthly. See Paypal for instructions of recurring donations. 

You may use paypal to become a member or renew your membership. Please visit our membership page, Become a member today or renew your membership.

Princess Fund- to allow us to treat those that have medical bill above the normal expenses. 





Hours of Operation

SHS is closed until May 15 to help protect the public and staff during this stay home and stay safe time.  We're sorry for any inconvenience.  If you have any questions, please call us and leave us a message.


401 Skitchewaug Trail, Springfield, VT 05156 

Area of Service

Andover, Baltimore,  Cavendish, Chester, Grafton, Londonderry, Ludlow, Springfield,
Weston and Windsor

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