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Live Release Rates

cat resting

Springfield Humane Society prides itself on high live release rates which we accomplish through a special fund (The Princess Fund) for above and beyond medical issues, a volunteer animal behaviorist, and on-staff trainer, and our focus not only on an animals' physical health but also on their mental health.

A live release rate is the percentage of animals that walked out of the shelter compared to the number of animals who entered the shelter in a given year.  The following live release percentages were calculated using the Asilomar Accords, a nationally known and accepted formula.


2016        94%

2017        88%  (Note: we had a large outbreak of calicivirus this year causing more euthanasias and deaths than our normal)

2018        94%

2019        96%

2020       94%

2021        95%

2022       93%

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