Remembering a loved one or Honor someone special to you including your pet. 

Honor Lee Alexander

Todd and Katie Quackenbush


Memorial Ann Ainsworth

Daniel Coloras and Sheila Kendrick 


Memorial Mary Baker

 Anthony Kelmentowicz

Memorial Marbel Barlow

Trust Co of Vermont

Barbara and Timothy Flynn

Judith Thomas

Neil and Patricia Martin

Jill Market

John and Jane Waysville 

Donald and Jean Bishop

Cherry Westerman

Jill Markert

Memorial Clyde Barton 

Diane Sanford 

Honor Harold and Mary Lou Clapperton 

Bechi Currier

Honor Jeff and Allison Crouch  

Bechi Currier

Honor Bob and Joan Currier

Bechi Currier  

Honor Bobby and Patty Currier 

Bechi Currier

Honor Bobby Currier  

Bechi Currier

Honor Cliff and Vivian Currier 

Bechi Currier

Honor Erin Currier

Bechi Currier  

Honor Megan Currier 

Bechi Currier

Honor Matt Currier 

Bechi Currier

Honor Susan Currier 

Bechi Currier

Honor Ron and Beatrice Currier 

Bechi Currier

Honor Joe and  Amy Estey

Bechi Currier

Honor Josh and Andrea Estey  

Bechi Currier

Honor Elizabeth Goddard

Bechi Currier  

Honor John and Donna Hall  

Bechi Currier

Honor Margaret Hall  

Bechi Currier

Memorial Joyce Jetts

George and Douglas Hinkley

Mary C. Scott 

Sherry Richardson 

Memorial Richard Loring 

Roxanne Shelton

Memorial Anne Lund

Clarence and Audrey 

David and Beverly DeCamp

Karen Stoodley 

Nancy Staniszewski 

Memorial Mitchell Malco

Diane Sanford 

Memorial Kathleen Marshall 

Richard and Helen Moore 

Sherry Richardson

Memorial Gary Richardson

Patrick Scanlon

Robert and Katherine Mitchell

Trust Co. of Vermont

Garet and Glenna Richardson

Ron and Barbara Higgins  

James and Christine Parker

Julie Lloyd Wright

Upper Valley Stamp Club

Karen McGee 

Robin Richardson

Scott Milne

Honor Carol Peebles

Bechi Currier

Memorial Calvin Payne 

Barbara Volta  

Honor Riley Pollard  

Oakley and Lynda Patenaude

Honor Elizabeth Ripa 

Mary Ann Neil

Memorial Elnora Ripchick  

Christopher and Christina Durovich

Richard and Helen Moore

Oakley and Lynda Patenaude

Honor Barbara Rodgers  

Albert and Paula Basso

Memorial David B Russell  

Marge and Dave Russell

Honor Henry Hill and Brenda Russell  

Bechi Currier

Memorial Chad Sanford 

Diane Sanford 

Memorial Gil Whittemore 

Barbara Volta  

Julie Lloyd Wright 




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