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Help support the Humane Society. 

General Donation

General donation - this may be a one time donation or monthly. See Paypal for instructions of recurring donations. 

Memorial Gifts

For those that would like to honor or remember a special person or animal in their lives. . Sometimes people request donations in memory of a lost loved one. Please include the name in the donation

Occasion Gifts

Sometime in leiu of gifts or flowers people request donations to the Springfield Humane Society. Please include that in your donation information.

Princess Fund

This fund allows us to treat those that have medical bill above the normal expenses. 

Free Ways to Help

tag sale.jpg
Used Goods

How about donating gently used items to Wag Sales, our indoor tag sale?  All the money raised goes into

the care and feeding of the shelter animals.

Small Terrier
Extra Bags

Plastic Bags for dog cleanup

Empty 50-pound wood pellet bags as trash bags when we clean the rooms!  They’re strong, they hold a lot, and they’re waterproof!

Recycling Bottles
Bottles & Cans

Did you know you can bring your redeemable bottles and cans to Springfield Redemption Center at 

6 Chester Road in Springfield and ask that the money be donated to us?  They send us a check!  Those nickels really do add up!

Donate while you shop!

 If you shop on Amazon, try using AmazonSmile instead – the same prices, the same everything, but you can choose a charity for Amazon to donate a portion of your sale too!

You can also shop at 

Other Ways to help


  • Do you have an extra room in your home, and extra room in your heart too?  Why not consider becoming a foster home!  Short term, or long term, we provide all the food, medical care, and support you need.  

  • Do you like gardening?  We have some beautiful gardens planted by the Springfield Garden Club many years ago that could really use some weeding and overall sprucing up!  Why not bring your green thumb down to the shelter?


  • Do you have a favorite hobby?  Special talent?  Some type of skill?  If so, we can find a way for you to help the animals by doing what you enjoy!  Contact Anne at and let her know you’d like to help!