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Foster Homes 

Foster families are always needed throughout the year, but especially during kitten season! To avoid having young kittens in the shelter, who are more susceptible to illness, we place mom and her babies in a loving approved foster home. Here they will get lots of love and attention while they become old enough for adoption.

Foster homes are not just for moms and kittens, but also for dogs in need as well. Some dogs come in needing some behavior modification, which is sometimes hard to accomplish in a shelter environment. Others need help housebreaking or just need a break from shelter life for awhile.

We will provide all the necessary equipment for fostering, such as food, dishes, litter boxes, blankets, toys, etc.  We pay for any vet bills, of course, and we're available by phone 24/7 for problems!

Are you a high school student in need of community service hours?! Ask how fostering a litter of kittens can count as hours! If you can open your home to a shelter pet in need of foster, please message contact the shelter and ask for our foster application! 

We can't do what we do, without YOU!

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