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It was December of 2005 that a tiny little cat stepped on a leg hold trap, and managed somehow to drag herself up onto someone’s porch looking for help!  The cat ended up coming to the humane society and we named her Princess.  We were unable to save her leg, so we began to try raising enough money.  The people in our communities rallied, and we were able to amputate Princess’s leg, and have money left over to start the Princess
Fund for animals whose needs go above and beyond the norm.
Fast forward – 2019.  Princess (now named Christy) is still alive and her owners contacted us!  I visited with Christy’s mom, and have to say I have never seen a better home for a kitty!  The entire home is set up for the comfort and enjoyment of their two kitties!  Everything from their own bathroom (where the litter box is) to a large chair in front of a picture window, complete with boxes and blankets, to a “run” so Princess Christy can go outside on her harness and stay safe!.  

Pictured below are pictures of Princess Christy (now about 16 years old) lounging in her home (note the colored “Soft Paws” to prevent scratching furniture, MUCH more humane than declawing!) and lying upside in her mom’s lap!  To think were it not for the generosity of people this beautiful senior kitty would never have made it!

Won’t you please consider donating to the Princess Fund?  Over the years we’ve saved hundreds of animals who went on to wonderful homes, and we hope to continue doing so with your donations and our wonderful vets!

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