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The Princess Fund is a medical fund that was set up to help animals that need over the top medical care, that goes beyond what our normal medical screenings consist of. Since its birth, this fund has helped save countless pets in our care from terrible fates just because of lack of funding. We are now able to go above and beyond for our pets, by being able to afford extra medical care procedures. These medical needs range from routine blood work for senior pets, to Heartworm treatments for Heartworm positive dogs, all the way to amputations and even emergency surgeries! The uses for this fund are endless! Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we continue to grow this fund and help animals in need! Want to help?! Click the donation button below to make a difference!

See some of our success stories below and learn more about how this fund was started initially!

23-4 Snowflake2.jpg

Meet Snowflake! The Princess Fund helped her get a dental! When Snowflake came from the south, we were not aware that she was going to need some extra care. She was seen by our vet and we were told she needed to have some extractions and some cleaning. Thanks to the Princess Fund, Snowflake is feeling much better and was adopted shortly after her surgery!

08_Khloe at hotel.png
08_Khloe and chair.jpg

Meet Khloe! This girl is a HUGE example of what we do here at SHS! Khloe was brought to us in 2013 when no other shelter would take her into their facility, other than to euthanize her. She was just a puppy, so we knew she needed a chance! After visiting with our vet in Rutland, we were told that Khloe had a severe case of canine scoliosis, which was inoperable. She also suffered from incontinence, so wore diapers regularly. We were told that she may not live a long life, but were determined to give her the best life we could while she was here. Luckily for Khloe, and her family, a wonderful woman fell in love with her and her story. Sadly, she was unable to adopt her herself, but she did set up the "Khloe Fund" which covered ALL of her medical bills after adoption. She lived far longer than anyone could have hoped, and was almost 10 years old when she passed in 2023. She was loved so much by all the staff, but especially by the staff member who adopted her and cared for her for almost 10 years. Khloe will always be the reason we are sometimes referred to as "the little shelter with a big heart."

19-Ranger before.jpg
19-Ranger Collage.jpg

Meet Ranger! The Princess Fund helped Ranger recover from a brutal attack! Ranger was left behind in a home with two other dogs and they were all were unfixed. The other male dog viciously attacked Ranger, likely due to the unspayed female left in the home. Whatever the reason, poor Ranger was in terrible shape when he was finally brought to us! Thanks to the Princess fund, and the loving staff at SHS and the vet, he was able to make a full recovery and find his happy ending!


Meet Dizz! The Princess Fund helped him with a tumor removal! Dizz was surrendered to the shelter when his family was allergic to him. We were not told about his tumor, but it was quickly noticed when we were setting him up after surrender! Thanks to the Princess Fund and our vet in Claremont, we were able to remove Dizz's tumor so he could be adopted!

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                                               THE HISTORY:

It was December of 2005 that a tiny little cat stepped on a leg hold trap, and managed somehow to drag herself up onto someone’s porch looking for help!  The cat ended up coming to the humane society and we named her Princess.  We were unable to save her leg, so we began to try raising enough money.  The people in our communities rallied, and we were able to amputate Princess’s leg, and have money left over to start the Princess Fund for animals whose needs go above and beyond the norm. Pictured below are pictures of Princess, now Christy lounging in her home (note the colored “Soft Paws” to prevent scratching furniture, MUCH more humane than declawing!) and lying upside in her mom’s lap!  To think were it not for the generosity of people this beautiful senior kitty would never have made it!

Update: Christy passed away in 2023, much loved by her humans. We were saddened to hear about this loss, but so happy to know that for about 18 years, Christy was loved, thanks to the Princess Fund!

Won’t you please consider donating to the Princess Fund?  Over the years we’ve saved hundreds of animals who went on to wonderful homes, and we hope to continue doing so with your donations and our wonderful vets!

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