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Board of Trustees and Staff


Our Board of Trustees

Debra A. Norton - President

Rachel Frank - Vice President

Barbara Estey - Secretary

Margaret Knoras (Peggy) - Treasurer

Barbara Higgins - Liaision

    Francesca Salazar   Tia Rosengarten  Lisa DeBartolomao   Rita Gylys

Our Staff

marissa photo.jpg

Marissa Bentley

Executive Director

Marissa has an associate's degree in Animal Science from Becker College and has worked in the animal care field most of her life. She started as an Animal Care Technician at SHS in 2014, doing a bit of everything at the shelter, from training, grooming, performing medical care and testing, drawing blood for tests on even the tiniest of kittens, and even sometimes fostering! Since, Marissa has worked her way to Executive Director, as of 2024! Marissa has also taken many professional classes after getting her degree. Marissa is truly a jack of all trades!

June's crew.jpg

June Howarth

Shelter Manager

June has been with SHS for many years, starting with cleaning kennels and cages, and working her way up to Manager. She knows the shelter inside and out! June has taken many professional-level classes throughout the years and is not only knowledgeable about dogs and cats but also ferrets, chickens, goats, rabbits and you name it! June often is fostering newborn puppies and kittens, and once even fostered 10 baby rabbits and their 2 mothers!

becca photo.jpg

Becca Riley

Animal Care Technician

Becca can almost always be found in the kennels working with our dogs!  A true dog lover, she makes sure that their mental and physical health is top-notch.  She does some training, some nose work, some agility, and on top of all that, she helps out everywhere in the shelter!  Becca has taken numerous professional level classes. Becca is also our resident "Bottle Baby Mom" taking in all the little kittens who do not have a Mom and giving them a chance at a wonderful life, by bottle feeding them, sometimes every few hours!

shelley's cat_edited.jpg

Shelley Sweeney

Animal Care Technician

Shelley started many years ago at SHS when she did some volunteer work for her job. That was it, she was hooked!  She took an open shift of cleaning cat cages every Sunday morning for up to four hours. NOT a job most people would want, but Shelley showed up every Sunday with a big smile! Now Shelley comes to volunteer from time to time and also works per-diem when needed! As she says, not only does she​ love the kitties, but she thinks the staff is great and really works as a team! We're so grateful to know we can rely on Shelley to do a great job and help when she can!

Haley photo.jpg

Haley Abbott

Animal Care Technician

Haley has a degree in Early Childhood Education and works in this field full-time!  Her love of animals is HUGE, so she works with us per-diem, when available! You can usually find her in the kennels with the dogs, or even making TikTok videos in her spare time for the shelter! She has dogs Josie and Kita and cats Jackson and Joey at home!

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