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Memorial Lane 

     The Springfield Humane Society has created an area in front of their Shelter called Memory Lane. It is an area paved with bricks engraved in memory of a lost loved one (animal or human) or in honor of someone (animal or human).  This is a way to memorialize or honor those we love and help the less fortunate homeless animals we handle every year.

     This permanent area will be visible as you come  up the driveway to the Shelter.  What a wonderful way to remember or pay tribute to those who have enriched our lives.



  "Moriah & Molly were two wonderful dogs we adopted from a shelter.  They each enriched our lives in ways mere words cannot adequately describe.  We have our memories that will always remind us of our two friends.  However we wanted to help those who need the shelter in honor of these two wonderful dogs.     So my wife and I purchased two bricks, one for Memory Lane at the shelter and one for our garden at home.  It is comforting knowing the work of the Springfield Humane Society continues in part due to the purchasing of these bricks in their memory. -Tom Browe, former executive director

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