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Pet Food Shelf

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We keep cat and dog food at the shelter to help families during times of hardship. This keeps animals out of the shelter and with their families. Here at SHS, we are here to help! We know that life sometimes throws curve balls and that can make it hard to feed our furry friends!  Nobody should have to surrender because of food costs! Stop in during open hours or call (802)885-3997 to inquire about this service!

Dog Bite Prevention for Youngsters


Are you a teacher? Do you run a daycare? Are you a Girl or Boy Scout leader? We are more than happy to come visit with your children and teach them about being safe around dogs!

Training/Behavior Advice 


Having some behavioral issues with a dog you just got, either from us or somewhere else? We are here for you and your dog. It is much better for the dog in question to be in a home environment, rather than to be surrendered to a shelter, especially for something we may be able to help with!  We have a certified dog trainer on staff who will meet with you and your dog.  If we can't help, we can refer you to someone who can!

No Place Like Home 


The "No Place Like Home" grant was set up to help pets in need of urgent medical care. Too often we are seeing people surrendering their animals because their pet becomes ill and they can't afford the vet costs in full. This grant acts as a loan, helping with a portion of the vet costs, so that the owner does not have to give up their furry friend due to funding. 


We have an application that must be completed before being granted any funds. To qualify, you must be on some sort of government assistance and/or be denied for Care Credit. Once approved, a contract is designed to fit your payment abilities.  If you are in need of this service, please contact us for more information.

Spay the Mom 

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The Spay the Mom program is designed to help with pet overpopulation issues in our community. Having litters of kittens/puppies frequently can be time consuming and expensive. Not to mention that there are great risks for pregnant/unspayed pets. Basically, this program takes all the stress and financial responsibility off you and on to us! The mother or mother to-be would be temporarily surrendered to us, while the kittens/puppies would be permanently surrendered to us, ensuring they will find great, loving homes. They would then go into a caring foster home, with pre-approved fosters, to get some extra TLC and socialization, until they are ready for adoption. Once mom is done weaning her babies and her milk has dried up, she will be spayed and receive any vaccines she needs, before being returned to her owner -FREE!  Microchips are also available for only $10.

Please contact the shelter for more information.

TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release 


Our TNR grant was established to help with feral cat overpopulation in our community. Is there is a feral colony living in your area? Do you live on a farm where people dump feral cats frequently and keep having kittens? Give us a call! We try to plan for TNR trapping around the time of a S/N Clinic, making the costs less, since we are not reimbursed for the medical fees. Any cats that are trapped for this program, MUST have somewhere to go back to (ex: their colony or barn) and someone to care for their needs of food, water and shelter. For more information, please contact us (802)885-3997.

Rainbow Fund


The Rainbow Fund was set up to help with end of life care, to ease the financial hardship for families that are unable to afford the cost of euthanasia for their suffering pet. To qualify for assistance from this fund, we do have an application to submit, before being granted funding. To qualify, you must be on some type of government assistance and/or be denied for Care Credit. Once approved, a visit would be scheduled with our caring veterinarian, for you and your beloved pet to be seen for end of life care. If you are in need of this service, please contact us.

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