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Closeup of a Black Dog

Loving Animals: Conversations with an Animal Communicator

with Jeannie Lindheim

Presented by Jeannie Lindheim, Author of Loving Animals: Conversations with an Animal Communicator 

Jeannie Lindheim studied with animal communication pioneer, Penelope Smith. Jeannie consults with pet lovers from all over the U. S. who are trying to understand how their animal feels and what they want. She has communicated with dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, hedgehogs, pigs, alpacas, bearded dragon lizards, rabbits, many types of birds, steer, insects and many other species. Jeannie has been a professional animal communicator since 2007.

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I am a cat care and enrichment volunteer with the SPCA and will take many of your suggestions to work with me when our shelter reopens.


I absolutely loved, loved, loved your Zoom talk. I was immediately drawn to your kind and loving nature and words.  I have never heard anyone so in tune with animals like you.  I have tried your suggestions with my black cat, Licorice, and he is responding to me!


Jeannie is so down to earth and such an inspiration.


My local shelter hosted a Zoom seminar with Jeannie in June. It was fantastic! She is so loving of animals and is able to communicate with them in ways that enhance the relationship with their human. Her stories will warm your heart and soothe your soul.


Jeannie's gift of animal communication is insightful and inspiring. Jeannie engages humans and their pets in ways that help strengthen the bonds between them. Her gentle ways remind us that we all can communicate with our animals if we simply take the time to do so.

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